Matt Wenzel In the airstream & the engine, in the de-icing, juniper, & fumes, you, ghost of x-mas, are there to keep us from falling. For five hundred years I wet my lips with zero kisses; I held this pose for 900 winters; my flesh sought only you, El Niño, for 730,000 days. But now [...]

The Molting of Cyrano

Joe Manus I received a phone call in the stovetop summer, following my sister Tracie’s diabetic death. At the time, I lived in an Athens apartment complex, in cube number 217, with a New Yorker with New York cats. I was redundantly confined to its walls from 4:30 pm until 7 am. Ordered by a [...]

Dear Mammal

Sarah Gerard Dear Mammal, Your star moved over me in opposition. You implanted yourself in the walls of me. Your father held me in the bathtub and we watched you spread around us, light diffusing. There were all the days after. I’m taking a bus to the mountains. Science is unforgiving but we return to [...]

Where The Ducks Go

Obi Calvin Umeozor On your deathbed, this is what you think of: You think of the night, years before, when Uloma’s call disrupted your sleep. The night the network was so sketchy you ran out the door of that one-bedroom shack- on-a-hill you called home to get better reception; to hear – above the crackles [...]

Interview with Colleen Mayo

By Melanie Quezada Melanie Quezada: You have just graduated from your MFA in Fiction. What is your advice to students entering the field? Colleen Mayo: My advice to students who want to pursue writing is: do it! Treat yourself and your writing with respect. This means be disciplined, curious, supportive of yourself and others. Writing [...]

An Interview with Avanti Tulpule

By Megan Cooke Megan Cooke: Do you have any influences in your life that have really helped with your poetry? Teachers, friends, or family? Avanti Tulpule: I am unbelievably grateful for the support that my family has shown for my poetry. In a time when more technical fields are prioritized, it is rare to see [...]

An Interview with Ryan Scariano

By Madison Brake Madison Brake: What got you interested in writing the types of poems represented by "I is for Inchworm"? Ryan Scariano: I love that the acrostic is probably the simplest and most childish poetic from there is. Think little poems made in Sunday school, or kindergarten for Mother’s Day, or some such thing. [...]